Block This Baiter


Firstly, @sadademort, yes, you did not suicide bait, but rather, you self harm baited. The image you had, that stated ‘don’t cut yourself on that edge, or do, who cares.’ Is implying that no one would care if they cut themselves. That also triggered me. At that moment, I knew it was bad.

I had to step away from the computer and decided that I wasn’t going to say anything about you until I was able to pull myself together, and make a post. I went through my activity, and looked at people reblogging my ‘help wanted’ post. It did the thing with the mobile looking sidebar, and right under neither was the call out post, upon seeing the warnings, I knew that, that image would have been in it, so I didn’t read it so I wouldn’t be triggered again. I saw that the person mentioned the ‘threatening porn at minors’ which was one of the links I was sent. So I added it.

A lot of people are coming to me saying that the other person was trying to censor your art. I don’t give a flying leap of what they were saying, just like anyone else I put on this blog. I don’t care what the argument is or was. The whole argument is white noise to me, until someone tells the other to kill themselves, or in this case, to cut themselves.

You have to acknowledge that you did something wrong.

And when you put “” around the ordeal, in your response, it felt like you were saying that I can’t say it was an ordeal (because I don’t know what else to fucking call what’s happening), so that’s why I said that ‘I guess I can’t call it that’ because you were making it where I couldn’t.

I changed what I said from this:

Screencap of a callout post for K. M. Claude

To this:

Screencap of a callout post for K. M. Claude.

I even changed the tags:


[“#blood tw #razors tw #technically not suicide baiting #but it is self harm-baiting #which is bad too”]

@the-shipper-armada, Saying that the reason why I wasn’t online at all was because I had a panic/anxiety attack and saying that, that was the reason why I knew that I shouldn’t respond to shit about this because I had not called down, which is, huh, exactly what I said was okay. So not hypocritical at all:


[“When you see someone using it as a reason, they first calm down to respond, or they respond with panic words, typically with letters repeated, as if the keyboard is stuttering. Example after calming down: “I’m sorry for how I acted. I’m mentally ill, and I was in a panic and I may have responded in a poor manner. I would like to apologize.” Example before calming down: “I’m mentally ill stop you hurting me.” If they ask you to stop sending messages, please stop.”]

But I have not been able to calm down until now, but I apologized the best I could at the time. I even said I was still not in the right mind at that moment. And what you said about me using caps. I wasn’t yelling, I was using caps for emphasis. You would know when I’m yelling it. It’s when I use bold, italics, heading font, and caps. That’s when I’m yelling, or just generally being angry.

So, no, I was not being hypocritical, and I had not calmed down enough to respond appropriately. Because you would not let me. If I had left the computer right then and there, I would come back to more shit, thus not helping at all.



[“Frankly BTB, if investigating such a serious accusation is too much for you to handle, perhaps you shouldn’t be making and endorsing them to being with. It’s great that you’re trying to help with these things, but if this is how you’re going to handle it when you get something wrong, I really suggest you take a step back and don’t try to run a blog you aren’t prepared to deal with the consequences of. If you’re not going to let people defend themselves and listen to both sides of the story, this isn’t the sort of thing you should be engaging in. *red apple emoji* AJ”]

I did investigate, and I was triggered by what they had. And don’t give that shit argument about ‘well block tags’ or ‘safe feature’. They had it on a reblog so there is no way that kit would blacklist it, and the person they were talking to would look at their reblog, and get triggered. 

I don’t care about what either argument has to say. If they baited anyone with suicide or self harm, I put them on this blog. And that’s what they did.

And being mentally, verbally, and emotionally abused by my parents had nothing to do with any of what happened here, which is apparently what you think I did.

I did in fact take a step back, but then you guys got all mad at me for not answering to anything. The reason why I didn’t answer or say anything was because I knew I was not in the right mind to speak without making things worse. No matter if it was to acknowledge I got a message or not. Because I would have said something that I would either regret, or make the situation worse all around. Simply saying ‘I got your message’ would not work while in that state of mind. I would have said more, and added shit that wouldn’t make sense, or just be ramble-y, making everything worse. Which would not help me calm down so I can actually answer the shit I have in my inbox. (PS: @the-shipper-armada, this is what I meant btw)

‘Listen to both sides’ I only listen for baiting. I don’t care if one says that fiction affects reality and the other one says otherwise. I don’t care if one said that they can’t ship this and the other said they can. So unless the other person had suicide baited, which I saw none of on that post from the other person at all, then I won’t mention them. Sadademort was the only one, in that particular post, that had did something wrong. Which was self harm bait.

@ everyone saying that I had ‘conveniently been inactive during the whole thing’:

Screencap of a calendar page from October 2015
Screencap of a calendar page from November 2015

If you can’t see it, here are high res images: October Calendar, November Calendar.

I have been inactive for a whole week prior. Because my grades on online school were F’s because the damn teachers refused to help me, so I had been stressing all week.

When I was finally able to calm down from the stress of that, by being moved back into regular schooling, I reblogged the post and added one link.

Then I went into a panic attack that had started because I was going through dysphoria, then my parents mocked me during the whole thing, and when I asked them to stop, they said ‘oh grow a back bone.’

So I was not on at all during that time.

On November 11, 2015, I said I had been going back into my depression, panic/anxiety attacks, and school, which I would not be able to keep the blog up and running properly, which is hmmmm, what @anti-anti-wincest said I should do. Imagine that.

@sadademort again, you said that I have aligned myself with the antis. When actually (oh wow I’m going to reveal this even though I said I won’t) I’m on the side of the shippers. I follow you and @anti-anti-wincest. I looked up to you, used you as references on my personal. Fought antis with your info and knowledge.

But I do not use that as a way to dismiss the antis. An anti was concerned for what you did, which they had every right to be. I looked into it, got triggered, then added you. Because what you did, can and has, harmed people.


So me saying that the reason that I wasn’t online at all was being I went through a panic attack is not me being hypocritical. Specially since I had made sure I wasn’t online to say anything I might regret during my state and that I tried to make sure I had calmed down first. Which I was I said was okay. But that’s hypocritical, somehow. By saying that I have things that I do outside of this blog is not hypocritical, it means I am trying to survive my life first and foremost, before worrying about this blog.

Sadademort self harm baited, not suicide baited, the info was wrong and I apologize for that.

I have been barely active at all this month, so I am not ‘conveniently’ ignoring this. Plus I have a ton of other submissions, shippers and antis alike that I had been going through their blogs too.

People told me that the person that Sadademort was talking to was trying to censor their art, and that I should protect Sadademort from that. Like I have said before, that is not how I work. If it was an anti that was being told to censor their art, but still made that self harm baiting picture, I would have called out that anti. I do not care what the argument is about. I only care if they are baiting someone.

I decided to tell you guys which side I am on. Which was the shippers side. I looked up to AAW, and used to Sadademort. Now, after what has happened, I do not.

I was triggered by Sadademort’s post because it implied that no one would care if the person/me cut themselves.

Having that image on a reblog would not help anyone who can be triggered by it. Because xkit doesn’t work like that. It only works on the original post and on your dash or in the search feature.

Sadademort has to come to terms that that image is triggering, and is self harm baiting.

I probably left out a lot of what I want to say, or to people who responded to my posts, but I’m done.

I’m sorry for putting the wrong information on the post, I have fixed it.


(ps. t-s-a. There is no italics here, so I’m not yelling. Just wanted to make sure that was clear.)

Archived version of the ‘Help Wanted’ post from November 11.

Archived version of the corrected callout post.

Incident where K. M. Claude and one of the mods from the Tumblr blog Anti-Anti Wincest ran someone off their blog. The owner had reblogged a callout post warning people to avoid Claude after they self-harm baited a minor and threatened to send them porn.



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