K. M. Claude is a Necrophile





By necrophilia, do we mean “I’m drawn to the undead” or “FUcking corpses yes pls”

I will take anything

the living enacting death aesthetics and playing dead, corpsefucking, the undead acting dead for their partner, I will take what I can gET

Well, by those terms, I guess my lover and I are sort of necrophiliacs too? XD /I play dead for her ALL THE TIME

Ahahaha! Ahhh well I mean I’m no authority, I guess it deals in intent too XD But I mean I’ve sorta…coined? Or whatever, I use the term aesthetic necrophile or theoretical necrophile about myself to describe this….i’m most likely not going to fuck a dead body that the probabilty is basically zero percent BUT at the SAME TIME I’ve got a hyper aesthetic appreciation for the idea of death and the dead and basically I watched too much Tim Burton as a kid XD So yanno if I can be an aesthetic necrophiliac, you playing dead could be necrophilia (I mean there is like a list of types or stages of necrophiliac so…not unheard of)

ACTUALLY oh hey! According to wikipedia, you’d be tier-1 necrophiliac. I’d be I guess….kinda tier-3? With a very Louis C.K. “I don’t know!” tier-7, possible tier-4 or tier-6. The more ya know!

animated gif of beetlejuice waving his arms
[Animated gif of Beetlejuice waving his arms happily.]

I actually took a look. :D I fall under tiers 1 – 4 and tier 7.


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