Harem of Shotas

MS Paint comic


stupid procrastination doodle oops

[Panel 1: K. M. Claude: “Man, I wish for a harem of shotas.”]

[Panel 2: Father Tiefer: “Same!”]

[Panel 3: K. M. Claude: “I never realize how creepy my wants are until they’re echoed in a creepy old man’s voice.”

Father Tiefer: “Hey, I’m not that old!”]

Note: ‘Shota’ is short for ‘shotacon’, a genre of fetish artwork that focuses on young boys.


Published by

Claude is Gross

WordPress account for claudeisgross.tumblr.com, a blog dedicated to exposing an indie cartoonist by the name of K. M. Claude. Claude draws pornographic artwork of children and defends pedophiles/pedophilia.


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