Claude Hates Furries





whoever fuckin’ heard of a furry who’s an anti?

like bitch you should know firsthand what it’s like to get shat on for your sexual and aesthetic preference and to have BUT ITS ILLEGAL and FICTION AFFECTS REALITY shoved down your throat


and like last i checked, furries are still socially the bottom of the totem pole

like….at least necro has A. Goth (and emo bc lbr here) points and B. idk what to call it but there’s a sort of gravitas? Even when it’s used in like a funny song, like, man Alice Cooper’s got a LOT of tracks about fucking the dead that are serious sometimes and tongue in cheek at others but at the same time yoooo that’s Alice granddaddy of shockrock Cooper (and I’m only counting off the albums I have and there’s a lot more I don’t have.) Like if you say “furry” to me I think “that CSI episode” (which is the mainstream perception) or random TLC type “look at these oddballs” documentaries or “thirteen year old on deviantart with an ocelot fursona that has teal stripes because it looks cool” and then finally what I do actually know about furries which is that in general the subculture is just y’know…some nice people (overall) who are really dedicated to their passion and often very talented because have you fucking seen those fursuits like damn! But the general public perception is literally “the butt of every internet joke” at best. At least with necrophilia it’s like what’s the stereotype? “Weirdo goth kids” or “so like those emo kids who like vampires a little TOO much” which like…lol yeah and? Not that I consider myself truly a goth kid or emo kid or any of the sort, though social outcast definitely fits, but like…it’s kinda surprising (or not, really) how many people relate to parts if not all of necrophilia kinks! Hell, people I never would’ve assumed otherwise.

Point being like L O L a furry wants to call me disgusting? Bitch please I remember “yiff in hell” okay we all know where you fall on the internet totem pole.

at least being a furry isnt common amongst serial killers you fucking cockroach

Degrading someone’s human worth and dehumanizing by comparing them to vermin is though. Which is what you’re doing. As is being a white male. So uh not sure what you’re trying to say with that one there, that serial killers share traits common with yourself and a huge chunk of the human population? Nerco fantasies are rather understudied, like much of human sexuality still, and also underreported.

Plus my kink has A+ rock and roll songs about it while yours has an embarrassing CSI episode :)

Example of K. M. Claude’s hypocrisy.



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