This is a picture of the hanging and burning of Girolamo Savonarola in Florence.

He tried to tell the people how to make art, what kind of art to make, generally policing their art. The people fucking killed him. In history they’re super proud of this and even have a commemoration of this, as a way to say “LISTEN UP MOTHERFUCKERS: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TELL US HOW TO MAKE ART”

Take note, antis

You do realize that the hanging and burning of Girolamo Savonarola wasn’t because he was policing art but because he was condemned as a heretic after claiming to perform miracles and getting visions from a higher power?

He was a supporter of sacred art, since, y’know, he was a friar.

“‘It was not Art itself which he condemned, but its desecration, the introduction of earthly and even immodest sentiments and dress into sacred pictures. On the contrary, pious and genuinely religious art would have been an efficacious support in building up that ideal State which he dreamt of, and for a while even made a reality.’ Again and again Savonarola explains what he finds fault with in contemporary Art, and what he desires to put in place of it. For him edification is the main object of Art; he will tolerate none which does not tend to the service of religion.“ –Ludwig von Pastor, History of the Popes

He was trying to make the church look good. Not exactly a good way of doing it, but not a reason to hang someone (AND NOT THE REASON THEY HANGED HIM).

His opponents called Savonarola and his followers ‘Snivellers’ and he grimly disapproved of jokes and frivolity, of poetry and inns, of sex (especially the homosexual variety), of gambling, of fine clothes and jewellery and luxury of every sort. He denounced the works of Boccaccio, nude paintings, pictures of pagan deities and the whole humanistic culture of the Italian Renaissance. He called for laws against vice and laxity. He put an end to the carnivals and festivals the Florentines traditionally enjoyed, substituting religious festivals instead, and employed street urchins as a junior gestapo to sniff out luxurious and suspect items

This guy was an asshole, and it’s not because he only wanted sacred art.

He didn’t accept bribes from the Pope at the time, so he was excommunicated and arrested, then put through a trial by fire.


Just because you paint a picture of it, doesn’t mean it’s celebrated. There’s plenty of paintings depicting horrible things. They aren’t celebrating his death (In fact, there’s been talk of beatifying Girolamo), they’re just depicting it.

So please, feel free to do a little more in your vague insult to antis other than “well, this guy hated art, and he was executed, therefore I can make a veiled threat against those who don’t like looking at child porn!”



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