Dirty Shipping Confessions: Clergy Abuse

Inside of a Catholic church


I have such a corrupt clergy kink, specifically Catholic because of all the rites and rituals we have that are PERFECT for perverting. And the celibacy vows. Two priests together, a priest and a seminarian, a priest and altar server, priest and parishioner – I dig it all. Especially priest and altar servers (girl or boy). I love fictional scenarios of priests manipulating young boys and girls for sex. The world needs more content like that, especially in pics.

Graciously submitted by @Sadademort (i can’t tag a single soul, apparently.)

EXCELLENT KINK!! A+ 100% WOULD KINK AGAIN THANK YOU!! I high-key want to tag this for the mabill and billdip community because that clergy AU is SUPER popular so i feel it is…relevant? If someone tells me it doesn’t belong I’ll remove it but for now…

Thank you for the stellar submission, Sada, you da bestest.

Go give father some love, everyone.


Submitted by K. M. Claude under the name Sadademort.



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