Dirty Shipping Confessions: Necrophilia

Taxidermied human corpse


I love works involving necrophilia. It’s just such an appealing kink to me: the social taboo involved in sex with the dead, the gothic aesthetic of a freshly dead corpse, all the appeal in exploring and having sex with an unresponsive body (or you yourself being unable to respond) without any of the guilt that tends to come with rapeplay, drugging, or ravishment fantasies. Combine them all though and it’s even better. Plus necrophilia takes memento mori to a whole new level.

Submitted graciously by @Sadademort

Okay, but you do your necro so well and honestly exploring the dark stuff can be a kink within itself. The dark shit is the GOOD shit, and i can understand the appeal of that macabre and wild thought of playing around with death (literally in this case.) Sorry so many people give you stress about your kinks and your amazing works and art. Keep up the good work, we love you Sada!


Submitted by K. M. Claude under the name Sadademort.



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