Dirty Shipping Confessions: Rape

Bound and gagged anime girl


Rape kink. I know, pretty mild and common place but I just love it, whether it’s brutal and violent or an almost tongue in cheek ravishment fantasy. Hell I even love the troperific “don’t ” becoming “don’t stop” that is seen so often in yaoi.

Submitted graciously by @sadademort

Sada, you’re about to get a punch-card for submissions to this blog. 3 more confessions and I’ll have to reward you for blog-loyalty or something! Also, the rape/ravishment thing is GREAT, another one of those “foundations” that leads into bigger and badder kinks, usually, I’d say. Also the whole “captor/victim” thing which is an entirely new dynamic with its own realm of possibilities. Fun! Thanks for the great submission and happy shipping!

Submitted by K. M. Claude under the name Sadademort.



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