Saw a bunch of disgusting incestuous crap on K. M. Claude’s blog a few moments ago…

Content warnings for explicit discussion of incest, sexual abuse, and rape.

“For your thoughts: Annemarie/Émile/Tiefer. Imagine. Keep it in the family ‘cause sharing is caring.” – [x]

“Well of course! They gotta be a good pair of babygirls and make Daddy happy or they’ll get their asses whupped with Daddy’s belt. Or, in the case of Tiefer who is a horrible son, pistol whipped. Horrible grown-up children who act like brats get treated like brats as far as Émile is concerned.” – [x]

“#annemarie gets a pistol up her pretty pussy but don’t worry it’s not loaded
#at least emile thinks it isnt.” – [x]

“Where’s that pic of Émile going, ‘Kids, kids, you’re BOTH great,’ because THAT. Tiefer has to get spit-roasted though… so to speak, ha ha. Émile’d enjoy watching his kids make out, especially if it occurred around his dick. ‘You’re BOTH Daddy’s unwanted little bastards but oh damn y’all give good head.’ – [x]

“God I’m hard. I feel like if one is not getting hard for the Tiefer siblings and their daddy then I am failing as an artist and as a person.” – [x]


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Claude is Gross

WordPress account for, a blog dedicated to exposing an indie cartoonist by the name of K. M. Claude. Claude draws pornographic artwork of children and defends pedophiles/pedophilia.


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