“Forcibly impregnated trans teen talk… Good fucking god I wanna vomit.”

Content warnings for misgendering, explicit discussion of rape, forced pregnancy and abortion, mentions of child porn, and pedophilia


“I love how ‘forcibly’ is in quotes, really opens the door for a lot of scenarios. I could def see Tiefer doing it on purpose because Jehan pisses him off real bad, so he decides to hurt him back and ruin his reputation because, ‘Oh, Agnes, you know I didn’t wanna tell you, you have enough to worry about besides your baby girl being a little slut, I’m sorry, I thought I could help her but she kept going behind my back, I’m so sorry it’s my fault’. Totally play the martyr because how will anyone know it was his, a paternity test back in the day, especially in a podunk town? Yeah right.“

The misgendering just makes it worse. We’ve also got victim-blaming, forced abortion, and production of child pornography.

Oh, and before K. M. Claude’s merry band of ass-kissers says I’m overreacting, this was all posted in response to a smut prompt, so this is clearly intended to be fetish fuel for sick perverts.

Honestly, Claude should just come out and admit they’re a pedophile already if they’re gonna post shit like this.



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