More Abusive Pedoshit from K. M. Claude

Content warnings for explicit pedophilia, sexual abuse of a child, transphobia, and misgendering

Anonymous: “Trans Jehan in Catholic school having to wear the damn long skirt uniform and his damn godfather as a dean being like, ‘Oh dear, look at that, you have to present feminine.’

“’Oh dear, look at that, easy access~’ Love it. Love all of it. Need all the more of it.”


“I live for trans Jehan forced to stay in the closet and wear his uniform skirts and hating every second he’s misgendered, only getting relief from his godfather who calls him ‘little boy’ and ‘young man’, and tells him he has a cute little dick, and maybe if he’s good and gets on some drugs to make him a real boy, his dick will grow a bit and maybe he’ll suck it for him (But in the mean time, feel free to suck Parrain’s dick, and sit on Parrain’s lap, and touch Parrain’s dick while pretending it’s your own. Also maybe rub your ass against it?).”


K. M. Claude later threw a tantrum on their blog over this, and accused me of attacking them for being trans. They also accused me of blowing things out of proportion for labeling this pedophilia, but how was I supposed to know both characters are 18+ in this scenario when Jehan is referred to as a.) ‘little boy’ and ‘young man’, and b.) has to wear a school uniform?


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