“Check Claude’s blog for a crazy rude response from them and their crew to someone offering some pretty innocent concrit.”

I love how they accuse that person of harassment when all they did is point out minor flaws in K. M. Claude’s art.


  • Original ask [x]
  • K. M. Claude thinks that if you’re not paid for your art, you’re completely immune to criticism [x]
  • Claude accuses a different anon of harassing their friend because of a couple of innocent questions [x], [x]
  • K. M. Claude falsely accuses the original anon of bugging Claude’s friend, despite that person’s claims that they didn’t do it. [x]

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Claude is Gross

WordPress account for claudeisgross.tumblr.com, a blog dedicated to exposing an indie cartoonist by the name of K. M. Claude. Claude has a history of drawing pornographic artwork of children and defending pedophiles/pedophilia.


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