“Check Claude’s blog for a crazy rude response from them and their crew to someone offering some pretty innocent concrit.”

I love how they accuse that person of harassment when all they did is point out minor flaws in K. M. Claude’s art.


  • Original ask [x]
  • K. M. Claude thinks that if you’re not paid for your art, you’re completely immune to criticism [x]
  • Claude accuses a different anon of harassing their friend because of a couple of innocent questions [x], [x]
  • K. M. Claude falsely accuses the original anon of bugging Claude’s friend, despite that person’s claims that they didn’t do it. [x]


Originally, I said there was one anon who was attacked by Claude for offering a bit of constructive criticism, then messaging one of Claude’s friends about it. Actually, there were two different anons, one who sent K. M. Claude some suggestions about their artwork, and another who contacted one of Claude’s friends.



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