K. M. Claude Twitter Roundup, June 17, 2017

Sorry for the silence, here’s some pro-pedophile stuff I found over on K. M. Claude’s Twitter. Highlights include Claude confessing to being an ephebophile (Someone with a preference for 15- to 19-year-olds).

Content warnings: pedophilia, pedophile apologism, references to necrophilia and children being sexually abused

“When ya name comics NecrOphelia I and EphebOphelia I it’s probably wise to make ‘em fork over $ (Full disclosure: ephebe is self-referential).” – Source

‘Ephebe is self-referential’. Wow, so they’ve finally decided to be honest about being a pedophile.

I already have plenty of evidence they’re a necrophile, so I won’t comment on that.

“Mhm, it is how child molesters and other abusers (often running the mobs) get away with stuff. Doubly concerning is it makes it harder for those who have paedophilic disorder to get therapy to keep them from abusing, plus the many innocents caught in the cross hairs. Like… Congrats, your witch hunt to save kids will only fuck ’em over in the end. Hope stroking your self-righteous ego boner was worth it.” – Source

Yes, because people who expose pedophiles are just trying to persecute them, not because pedophiles pose a threat to children. Also, pedophilia isn’t a mental disorder, fuck off.

“I feel like my calling is to work with people who have paraphilias, sexual psych disorders, and the like. Problem is IDK how to pursue that.“ – Source

Considering all of the above, could you imagine someone like K. M. Claude being a therapist for pedophiles and other kinds of sexual deviants?!



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