“Anon seems to think you’re calling them a pedophile. Like, no, you’re not. -____-“

(Archived link to the post Anon is referring to.)

Some of my posts tagged with #pedophile or #pedophiles:

  • Masterlist of pedophiles on Tumblr with Claude’s name on it [x]
  • Comic where they call themselves an ‘underage kink-haver’ [x]
  • Old post from Claude’s personal blog, sadademort, where they imply they deserve a silver medal for being a pedophile [x]
  • I tag posts about K. M. Claude sexualizing minors in their artwork with #pedophile or #pedophiles

So while I’ve referred to Claude as a pedophile, it’s entirely justified because they’ve implied they’re an actual pedophile, and because they fetishize minors in some of their artwork.

“Check Claude’s blog for a crazy rude response from them and their crew to someone offering some pretty innocent concrit.”

I love how they accuse that person of harassment when all they did is point out minor flaws in K. M. Claude’s art.


  • Original ask [x]
  • K. M. Claude thinks that if you’re not paid for your art, you’re completely immune to criticism [x]
  • Claude accuses a different anon of harassing their friend because of a couple of innocent questions [x], [x]
  • K. M. Claude falsely accuses the original anon of bugging Claude’s friend, despite that person’s claims that they didn’t do it. [x]


Originally, I said there was one anon who was attacked by Claude for offering a bit of constructive criticism, then messaging one of Claude’s friends about it. Actually, there were two different anons, one who sent K. M. Claude some suggestions about their artwork, and another who contacted one of Claude’s friends.

“I swear Claude and their crew think the phrase ‘Fiction can affect reality’ means that it is reality and that isn’t true. They just don’t wanna own up to their own bullshit.”

I agree. When people claim that fiction affects reality, they don’t mean that works of fiction or the characters depicted in them are real, they’re talking about how fictional works can encourage harmful attitudes/behaviors. For example, K. M. Claude has drawn fetish artwork of children. By posting this kind of material publicly, they create an environment where it’s normal to view children as sex objects, which attracts pedophiles.

Uploaded from this ask.

Drawing of K. M. Claude

“Claude lives in Louisiana, probably in New Orleans. They’re approximately 23 to 35 years old. No glasses, white, hair is naturally brown. If you see them, run the other way.”

Yeah, I think K. M. Claude is 24. According to this old contact page, their last name is Richard. Also, here’s a couple links to some comics they’ve drawn of themself if you want to know what they look like.



Memes aside, I don’t believe anyone is worthless. Not even the people who have harassed and abused me (and if there’s anyone I’d be nominating for Most Worthless Sack Of Shit Award, one would think it’d be them.)

People asking you to stop sexualizing children isn’t harassment.

People asking you to stop promoting gross kinks like necrophilia isn’t abuse.

People criticizing you on the Internet isn’t harassment or abuse, so pull your head out of your ass.