Screw Your Imaginary Psychological Damage


“The irony being man you know antis spent so long trying to get me and others to stop making art and sure I now have severe psychological damage due to slander and harassment that can never be taken back or undone but man all they had to do was hook me and sugarbitz up from the get go rather than waiting for our friend to do so because now I’m too mentally distracted to draw.“

‘I have severe psychological damage due to slander and harassment’?! Honestly, I don’t know how K. M. Claude can accuse his critics of being professional victims when he posts things like this. Criticism isn’t a form of harassment, and Claude isn’t being slandered because the claims about him are backed up by evidence.

Besides, even if he did have psychological trauma as a result of being outed as a pedophile, it’s not reasonable to expect others to keep quiet about something that serious.


Calling People Monsters


“If you call someone a monster enough, sooner or later they’ll begin to believe it despite being the farthest thing from it. If you’re not careful, some of the “monsters” you so carelessly made may begin to act monstrously and the fault will lie partly with you. And the rest of us you carelessly made believe in our nonexistent monstrosity? The many of us? Will just suffer in silence because beliefs are damn hard to change.“

#1. If you act like a monster because people are calling you one, you’ve only proven them right.

#2. People aren’t accusing K. M. Claude of being a terrible person for no reason. He’s openly admitted to being a pedophile, drawn sexual artwork of children, and harassed (Page contains depictions of blood and self-harm) people who disagree with him.

“Since we all know your callout blog stalks your online presence for #receipts, I want to say I find it intellectually dishonest of them to ignore the (many) threats/baiting asks you get as if they are in no way responsible for it, and engage in victim-blaming, martyr-calling behaviour when you point out how aforementioned threats are detrimental to your well-being.”


“You find it dishonest because it is in fact dishonest. “Truth? What is truth? I wash my hands of this matter” and all that.”

#1. Claude rarely gets any threats. Besides, he’s an open pedophile, so obviously people are going to send him hate.

#2. People sending asks expressing disgust/disagreement/etc. over Claude’s content isn’t baiting.

#3. I’ve never victim-blamed Claude, because he’s not a victim of anything except his own foolishness.

#4. This ask also ignores the many times Claude has overreacted to genuine criticism, citing it as an example of harassment. It also ignores the times Claude has harassed people and not apologized for it (Warning: Links contain gore and self harm-baiting).

Quit using sex abuse scandals as your shield.


“but also i’m reminded of that one iconic moment from america’s next top model where this one girl is like sobbing and throwing a tantrum over a missed cab and one of the models goes “I just wanna tell you that some people have war in their countries” – like there are literal child and teen molestation scandals coming out like we time traveled to goddamn 2002 and 2003 with the Catholic Church scandals and then Michael Jackson’s scandals but hey, you know, harassing a queer indie artist who creates content specifically about how abuse fucks you up (so, you know, abuse is bad is the only logical conclusion) is really sticking it to the man and helping people.”

There’s a lot to unpack here. Content warnings for pornographic artwork of children and K. M. Claude defending pedophilia.

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Claude’s Drinking Problems


“I probably am one – I go on mild benders, then stop for mooooonths, and then whoops. Which… probably fits the definition of ‘functional alcoholic’.

But I can’t use art as an outlet without being called every horrible thing in the book, harassed, abused, and treated like crap by everyone (including people I like) while the entire world around us goes to hell, so I might as well slowly kill myself and numb everything in the process. I’m just hoping I can make good enough art before that happens.”

Dude, you’ve reblogged posts blaming minors for their sexual trauma, you’ve openly longed for your own harem of little boys, and you’ve repeatedly treated your critics like crap. I don’t want to hear about how people who call you out are bullies and abusers. Also, quit blaming your critics for your drinking problems, it’s manipulative as hell.

I’m Not a Stalker


“But Carrot you don’t understand: someone I don’t like is making art that I don’t agree with so I’m totally justified in my horrible, stalkerish, abusive, bored behavior duuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH.”

Interesting how Claude accuses me of misusing words like ‘pedophile’ and ‘pedophilia’, yet here they are comparing legitimate criticism to stalking and abuse.

“Are y’all not gonna point out the fact that they publicly ridiculed a mentally ill person for days?? ‘Cause anti-kin or no, you guys are passing up a chance to point out some truly ableist shit they have said.”

Yeah, I’m aware of the drama with the kin blog. I was going to address this sooner, but K. M. Claude thinks the owner is doing it out of spite or for attention. I was concerned that if I got involved, it would only reinforce these beliefs and Claude would continue to bully the person who ran it.

Since things have calmed down, I’ll list the reasons why Claude’s response was ableist.

According to K. M. Claude:

  • Fictionkin are ‘appropriating the language of mental health’, even though many kin are mentally ill and use it as a coping mechanism.
    • Also, making fun of somebody for the way they cope is ableist.
  • Fictionkin are delusional (Check the tags on that last post).
    • Using ‘delusional’ as an insult is ableist because it’s attacking people who experience delusions.

PSA: K. M. Claude Richard


Content warnings for explicit pedophilia, sexual depictions of children, child abuse, rape, sexual abuse, blood, gore, necrophilia, and incest, as well as harassment, bullying, self-harm, victim-shaming/survivor-shaming, transphobia, transmisogyny, dyadism¹ᵃ/perisexism¹ᵇ, and misgendering.

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pedophilia and abuse is gross.

why do people still need to point this out to others?

No one has to point out that abuse isn’t good. I’m pretty sure we’re all aware of that.

However, pedophilia may be morally bad, but it’s a mental illness. Saying that pedophilic disorder is gross is the same as saying bipolar disorder is gross. It’s not gross, it’s misunderstood and stigmatized.

how can you shamelessly compare pedophilia to bipolar disorder? pedophiles abuse children and traumatize them? what the fuck, its not misunderstood the slightest.

You do know that there are non-offending pedophiles, don’t you? Child molesters are what you’re referring to.

And yes, I do shamelessly compare the two. Both are mental disorders, whether you like that fact or not. That in itself is something most people don’t know, making pedophilia stigmatized and misunderstood to the point of people with the disorder not being able to reach out for help without risking having their children taken from them.

theres no such thing as “non-offending” pedophiles. pedophilia is not a mental disorder and never will be, it cannot be diagnosed. pedophiles wants to hurt children in their own twisted way, bipolar people are just bipolar people. so stop lying to yourself.

Actually, if you refer to the DSM-V, pedophilic disorder is, in fact, a real thing. And, yes, there are non-offending pedophiles, whether you believe it or not. Just like there are non-offending people with compulsive violent urges. It’s not a hard concept to grasp.

Screencap of the diagnostic criteria for pedophilic disorder.

for @remiflan-is-dead (the reply to whose question i’ll get to in a bit). if you want to learn more about pedophilia/pedophilic disorder and how to treat it, i had a really lovely conversation with the now de-funct anti-stevidot about the subject straight from the DSM-V, ICD-10, and my own college level texts on abnormal psychology from 2011 (so sadly it was working with the DSM-IV but treatments are still just about the same and pedophilia’s been listed as a mental disorder/illness for years, at least since the DSM-IV if not earlier.)

tl;dr it’s a mental illness like any other mental illness. child molestation/abuse/rape on the other hand is a different matter entirely (and often NOT perpetrated by people with pedophilic disorder.)

why do you think its okay for an adult to be sexually/romantically attracted to children, and then pull the victim card by claiming its a disorder? why do you want to protect adults who get turned on by children and have creepy crushes on minors? why arent you defending the kids, the babies and the t(w)eens who are being targeted by pedos? if an adult have sexual business with a child they ARE a pedophile, yikes.

I’m not claiming it’s a disorder – it literally is. Sexual attraction to prepubescents is literally a mental disorder. That’s not pulling a victim card, that’s stating a fact. You can literally look it up. Or you know the image I sent you and the link I gave you which has everything written up and linked up for you.

People need to stop conflating pedophiles with child molesters as if they are automatically the same thing so that people who have not touched a child can get the clinical help they need to cope with and control their issues. Getting people help and not stigmatizing their mental illness is what defends and helps reduce the number of kids targeted or hurt.

It’s the same as someone who has violent urges (think, for instance, people with OCD who have intrusive obsessive thoughts to murder their family) – you wouldn’t conflate their distressing desires or thoughts to hurt others with actual murderers, would you? No because they have a MENTAL ILLNESS which is not a crime. Acting on said illness is a crime. You want to help the mentally ill, thereby protecting the ill person AND anyone who may be hurt by said ill person, by not stigmatizing them and getting them help. Sadly, in the U.S., it’s nigh impossible for people with pedophilic disorder to seek help because if therapists even think a child may possibly be in danger, they have to report them (even if NO ONE is in danger) or else the therapist could go to jail (this is called mandated reporting laws and there’s a lot of issues with them.)

If an adult does something sexual with a child, that makes them a child molester, child rapist, or child abuser. Actions do not necessarily dictate one’s mental disorders. I could stab my dog right now just because I can without a single violent thought or history of mental illness that lends itself to violent behavior; likewise someone who hears voices telling them to stab their dog may never act upon it despite having the intrusive thoughts. Same with child abusers and people with pedophilic disorder.

If you’d like I can literally open up a clinical abnormal psychology textbook, used to teach psychology undergraduates about psychological disorders and illnesses, and quote you the information on pedophilia and how it is a mental disorder and has been considered as such for YEARS by actual professionals who study this shit literally know more than you or I do.

you literally just said literally 3 times in the same paragraph

pedophiles are Literally illegal and can end up in jail bye, im sick of both of you condoning and forgiving the adults who have touched me and used me

protect minors instead of their enemies (ahem, pedos and abusers)

Because it is literally true. In a literal manner or sense, it is true. It is exactly true. But I mean you’ve taken to insulting my words when they’re used correctly (something you seem incapable of doing yourself) so I take it you’ve not any proof to stand on.

Nope, sorry. It’s not illegal to have a mental illness. Otherwise I’d be in jail for my mental illnesses. My friends who are bipolar would also be in jail. My depressed friends, jail. The friends with BPD? Jail. But they’re not. Because mental illnesses are not illegal. Stop stigmatizing mental illnesses because they don’t all fit into whatever too cute ideal you have of mental illness. Shit, to say mental illness is illegal is, as they say, rather ableist, especially with the implication that one with a mental illness will act upon that illness and automatically hurt others.

No one’s forgiving or condoning adults touching or raping kids. Those people are criminals who could be convicted of the illegal action that is called child abuse. Pedophilia or pedophilic disorder (as the DSM-V now refers to it) is not a crime. You cannot be put to jail for disorderly thoughts, especially not those brought on by mental illness.

I’m sick of you stigmatizing mental illness and being willfully ignorant, and I’m sick in general of people like you actually playing the victim card by shoving your personal trauma in as if that somehow negates the fact that what you’re saying is wrong and harmful to the mentally ill and to CSA survivors.

Example of K. M. Claude bullying someone for being disgusted by pedophilia.




This is a picture of the hanging and burning of Girolamo Savonarola in Florence.

He tried to tell the people how to make art, what kind of art to make, generally policing their art. The people fucking killed him. In history they’re super proud of this and even have a commemoration of this, as a way to say “LISTEN UP MOTHERFUCKERS: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TELL US HOW TO MAKE ART”

Take note, antis

You do realize that the hanging and burning of Girolamo Savonarola wasn’t because he was policing art but because he was condemned as a heretic after claiming to perform miracles and getting visions from a higher power?

He was a supporter of sacred art, since, y’know, he was a friar.

“‘It was not Art itself which he condemned, but its desecration, the introduction of earthly and even immodest sentiments and dress into sacred pictures. On the contrary, pious and genuinely religious art would have been an efficacious support in building up that ideal State which he dreamt of, and for a while even made a reality.’ Again and again Savonarola explains what he finds fault with in contemporary Art, and what he desires to put in place of it. For him edification is the main object of Art; he will tolerate none which does not tend to the service of religion.“ –Ludwig von Pastor, History of the Popes

He was trying to make the church look good. Not exactly a good way of doing it, but not a reason to hang someone (AND NOT THE REASON THEY HANGED HIM).

His opponents called Savonarola and his followers ‘Snivellers’ and he grimly disapproved of jokes and frivolity, of poetry and inns, of sex (especially the homosexual variety), of gambling, of fine clothes and jewellery and luxury of every sort. He denounced the works of Boccaccio, nude paintings, pictures of pagan deities and the whole humanistic culture of the Italian Renaissance. He called for laws against vice and laxity. He put an end to the carnivals and festivals the Florentines traditionally enjoyed, substituting religious festivals instead, and employed street urchins as a junior gestapo to sniff out luxurious and suspect items

This guy was an asshole, and it’s not because he only wanted sacred art.

He didn’t accept bribes from the Pope at the time, so he was excommunicated and arrested, then put through a trial by fire.


Just because you paint a picture of it, doesn’t mean it’s celebrated. There’s plenty of paintings depicting horrible things. They aren’t celebrating his death (In fact, there’s been talk of beatifying Girolamo), they’re just depicting it.

So please, feel free to do a little more in your vague insult to antis other than “well, this guy hated art, and he was executed, therefore I can make a veiled threat against those who don’t like looking at child porn!”