CyberTipline Report – October 13, 2016




[Screenshot of a report sent to the CyberTipline.]
[Animated gif of a woman blowing a kiss.]

what’s good, @kmclaude?

Thanks! Even though Claude hasn’t harmed actual children, the fact that they draw children in sexual situations and have a fetish for children being raped and sexually abused is a major red flag.

It is actually illegal to draw children in sexual situations with adults, even if the child depicted is purely fictitious. And there is substantial evidence to link the consumption of child pornography to acting out pedophilia, since, for example, it’s used all too often by adult predators to groom children for sex. So…. I hope they take a good long look at their choices and get their shit together. Maybe this tip to law enforcement will help out with that…


“So I am re-watching my childhood anime, Cardcaptor Sakura, and saw something you’d find interesting. In it, a 4th grader is in love with a teacher (he’s in his mid 30’s) and by the final episodes he gives her a promise ring. And it’s made quite clear they go on dates. And this is considered to be one of the most innocent anime ever.”


A 4th grader?! That’s like a ten year old?!

Oh my god that’s hilarious.

Well it is a promise ring and that means no sex so…

But still oh my god the number of people who’d shit their pants over this, it slays me!

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