“Roachpatrol and Claude are like, ‘What’s wrong with sexualizing stuff?’. You fucking know why it’s wrong you just wanna sea lion people into going with your bullshit.”

(Anon is referring to this post)

K. M. Claude and roachpatrol are missing the point. When people complain about sexualization, they’re complaining about:

  • People, particularly marginalized people, being oversexualized and reduced to fetish objects.
  • Portraying harmful things such as rape, pedophilia, or incest as sexy.
    • I’d like to remind people that both Claude and Roach have made erotic fiction about minors being sexually abused. Claude has also created a lot of rape/incest-themed porn involving their adult characters.

PSA: K. M. Claude Richard


Content warnings for explicit depictions of pedophilia, sexual depictions of children, child abuse, rape, sexual abuse, blood, gore, necrophilia, incest; harassment, bullying, self-harm, victim-shaming/survivor-shaming, transphobia, transmisogyny, dyadism¹ᵃ/perisexism¹ᵇ, and misgendering.

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“I bet it was sooo hot to you when a woman in her late 20’s repeatedly sexually abused me when I was 12 years old. I bet you get so turned on thinking about that right :) You can say no, but you’re fine when it’s fictional! Please do all children a favor and fucking kill yourself, pedophiles don’t deserve to live.”


I mean considering I’ve written about a grown woman molesting her teen brother and the deleterious effect it had on him and what damage it did (writings which you can buy for $5.99 or if you prefer physical books $10.99) I think the answer to that is pretty obvious.

But ah, you seem to be under the delusion that I get off on your personal trauma or that my art has anything to do with you. But that is simply a delusion which is a personal problem on your part.

Animated gif of Snape shrugging

Writing about something is not the same thing as personally experiencing it, nor does it make you an expert on the subject.

“Just a question to throw into the wilderness, what’s your stance on consensual 18+ Mother/Son incest? I look forward to your usual nuanced and well-balanced response.”


Honestly? I don’t give a fuck if both consent. Like I literally cannot bother caring what the fuck someone does with their mommy. Does it squick me? Eh, I mean, I wouldn’t bang my mama even if she’s gorgeous and really needs to stop being so hard on herself regarding her looks because I ain’t into my mama that way. Hell I ain’t even into chicks. But I mean if someone wants to bang their mama? If it don’t involve me or people I care about in a negative way, I don’t give a fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

If you want my “pseudo-psychologist” academic opinion? I would want the mother and son to be evaluated by a psychologist or counselor or something just to ascertain that they’re both of relatively sound mind and there’s no like manipulation or abuse or anything untoward like that involved. Y’know? Also to see if they’ve really thought it through if it’s like intended to be a long term kinda thing (rather than “occasionally sleeps in mommy’s bed in that way”) like…how you gonna handle the stress of secrecy? How you gonna handle other people if you come clean about it? Have you thought about what happens when mom dies? Really I think a LOT of couples and relationships would benefit from a third party objective observer looking at them and giving an evaluation because lust is blinding and people are stupid. BUUUUUUUUUUUT considering the particular type of relationship involved, I think such an evaluation would be more…pertinent.

(I’m very chill, anon. Like shit a person I care about dearly is in a relationship with a man who’s about as old as her daddy and I’m just like “he good to you? cool” and frankly he’s probably one of the BEST significant others ANY of my friends ever had. Like I can count on my hand the number of good boyfriends that’ve come through a friend group. So like seriously, if everything is kosher in the consent department and everyone goes into it with a sound and open mind and no harm’s being done? Go for it, whatever your relationship is. You wanna fuck your mommy? Cool, long as she’s down for it. Whatever. Enjoy your life. You only get one.)

[Drawing of K. M. Claude as a skeleton wearing a Catholic priest’s uniform. Image text: “Do whatever the fuck you want; you’re gonna be worm chow anyhow. I don’t give a fuck.”]

Underage Kink-haver

[Panel 1: K. M. Claude reading a Tumblr post. It says, “*Post grossly infantilizing asexuals, conflating sexual inactivity with childishness and immaturity, as if all aces care for are dragons and crayons.”]

[Panel 2: K. M. Claude looking slightly annoyed, reading a Tumblr post. It says, “Aro Ace=Straight. Asexuals are not queer (Unlike me, a demi-lithromantic, bug gender alien.”]

[Panel 3: K. M. Claude: “And people blame us weird, non-con, incest, underage, and otherwise ~problematic~ kink-havers for why Tumblr is a fucking cesspit, Christ…”]

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