K. M. Claude uses their asexuality as an excuse for producing sexual content of minors and having gross kinks.

According to K. M. Claude:

This is complete horseshit for the following reasons:

Content warnings: Pedophilia, child rape/sexual abuse, discussion of gross kinks like necrophilia and zoophilia

  • Asexuality is a spectrum. Some asexuals are capable of experiencing sexual arousal.
  • Asexual pedophiles are still romantically attracted to kids.
    • Even if there’s no sex, a romantic relationship between an adult and a child is still dangerous because of the power imbalance between adults and children.
      • Also, sexual attraction is not required in order to sexually abuse or rape a child.
    • Sexual predators often lie about themselves in order to gain their victim’s trust. Just because a pedophile claims they’re asexual doesn’t mean they actually are asexual.
  • Even if someone doesn’t act on their gross kinks, they’re still disgusting.
    • Do you think it’s okay for someone to be, say, turned on by having sex with goats even if they don’t act on it?

Hell Pit of Kink-shamers

Screenshot of a reply to this post
[“For being such a hell pit of self-proclaimed kink-shamers, SJW Tumblr knows (un?)surprisingly little about kinks. Somebody needs to write, ‘Kink doesn’t equal sexual attraction’ on certain peoples’ foreheads.”]


People hate what they don’t understand. Doesn’t help that it’s hard to study kinks and fetishes since you’re basically asking people to talk about confusing personal sex stuff and sex is considered at best impolite to discuss and at worst shameful. I think @thatkindoffangirl made mention of starting a blog about kink if I recall right and has stated some very good, smart things about kink, especially IRL kink (as opposed to just what stories one reads or pairs they ship), very interesting.

How…? Like, a kink is something you find sexually arousing. In Claude’s case, saying they’re an underage kink-haver means they’re aroused by underage people (Basically they’re a pedophile).