“I found where K. M. works, as well as a photo. As they’ve broken the law, should I report them to the police?”

Honestly, you probably should. When you file your report, be sure to include this information:

  • Claude has violated 18 U.S. Code § 1466A, which bans artwork, sculptures, cartoons, etc. depicting minors in sexual scenarios when that content lacks artistic, scientific, literary, or political value.

Content warnings for explicit depictions of the following: gore, dismemberment, pedophilia, sexualized children, and child sex abuse.


How to Report K. M. Claude

K. M. Claude is active on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They also use WordPress to host their official website.

  • To report illegal content (i. e. porn of actual children), use the CyberTipline or file a report with the FBI.
  • To report inappropriate content on a website hosted by WordPress, visit this page. Here’s a list of WordPress’s community guidelines.
  • To report inappropriate content on Tumblr, visit this page.
  • To report inappropriate content on Twitter, visit this page. You can view Twitter’s community guidelines here.
  • To report inappropriate content on Facebook, visit this page. You can read Facebook’s community guidelines here.
  • To report inappropriate content on Instagram, visit this page.

All of these websites have rules against posting sexual content involving minors. Also, according to 18 U.S. Code § 1466A, it’s illegal to post or distribute pornographic material involving people under 18, even if it’s only fictional.

CyberTipline Report – October 13, 2016




[Screenshot of a report sent to the CyberTipline.]
[Animated gif of a woman blowing a kiss.]

what’s good, @kmclaude?

Thanks! Even though Claude hasn’t harmed actual children, the fact that they draw children in sexual situations and have a fetish for children being raped and sexually abused is a major red flag.

It is actually illegal to draw children in sexual situations with adults, even if the child depicted is purely fictitious. And there is substantial evidence to link the consumption of child pornography to acting out pedophilia, since, for example, it’s used all too often by adult predators to groom children for sex. So…. I hope they take a good long look at their choices and get their shit together. Maybe this tip to law enforcement will help out with that…