“You: *draws porn of little boys* LOL it’s just fiction chill. Also you: I want a harem of little boys.”


You: *deliberately takes a joke out of context because that’s all you’ve got for your baseless accusations and hate*
I could draw a dog fucking the putrefying corpse of an infant on an altar with the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ in the middle of a satanic, cannibalistic orgy and it would still be just fiction – just art – rather than some reflection of my moral character. Amazing.

Anon’s got a point. You can’t claim your interests are solely confined to fiction when you openly long for your own underage harem and imply you’re an ephebophile. That dog/dead baby scenario you just came up with isn’t helping your case either.

Interesting how Claude demeans minors for being concerned about fiction that glamorizes child abuse and rape when he posts stuff like this.


‘Incestuous, Pederastic Mermaids’

Twitter Screenshot

[“How we feel ’bout incestuous, pederastic mermaids, and a short comic, or perhaps illustrated storybook (a literal graphic novel) about them?” Poll results: 88% ‘Yes do it’, 12% ‘Why can’t you be normal?’]


According to Claude, the merpeople in this proposed story have an entirely separate moral system, and also practice necrophilia. Considering the way he’s portrayed these things in the past, it feels like an excuse to promote them as fetishes.

Worse Than Dahmer



My exact words:

“I wouldn’t say K. M. Claude is as bad as Dahmer since Claude hasn’t killed or raped anyone.” – [x]

I never said you were as bad as Dahmer, quit lying.

K. M. Claude uses their asexuality as an excuse for producing sexual content of minors and having gross kinks.

According to K. M. Claude:

This is complete horseshit for the following reasons:

Content warnings: Pedophilia, child rape/sexual abuse, discussion of gross kinks like necrophilia and zoophilia

  • Asexuality is a spectrum. Some asexuals are capable of experiencing sexual arousal.
  • Asexual pedophiles are still romantically attracted to kids.
    • Even if there’s no sex, a romantic relationship between an adult and a child is still dangerous because of the power imbalance between adults and children.
      • Also, sexual attraction is not required in order to sexually abuse or rape a child.
    • Sexual predators often lie about themselves in order to gain their victim’s trust. Just because a pedophile claims they’re asexual doesn’t mean they actually are asexual.
  • Even if someone doesn’t act on their gross kinks, they’re still disgusting.
    • Do you think it’s okay for someone to be, say, turned on by having sex with goats even if they don’t act on it?

Dirty Shipping Confessions: Necrophilia

Taxidermied human corpse


I love works involving necrophilia. It’s just such an appealing kink to me: the social taboo involved in sex with the dead, the gothic aesthetic of a freshly dead corpse, all the appeal in exploring and having sex with an unresponsive body (or you yourself being unable to respond) without any of the guilt that tends to come with rapeplay, drugging, or ravishment fantasies. Combine them all though and it’s even better. Plus necrophilia takes memento mori to a whole new level.

Submitted graciously by @Sadademort

Okay, but you do your necro so well and honestly exploring the dark stuff can be a kink within itself. The dark shit is the GOOD shit, and i can understand the appeal of that macabre and wild thought of playing around with death (literally in this case.) Sorry so many people give you stress about your kinks and your amazing works and art. Keep up the good work, we love you Sada!


Submitted by K. M. Claude under the name Sadademort.

K. M. Claude encourages necrophilia.




having a crush on someone who is dead set on not dating is probably the most annoying thing ever

having a crush on someone who is dead sucks too

you could still do crush stuff with the dead person if you’re in one of the MANY american states that do not have explicit necrophilia laws

granted they might get you with ‘desecration of a grave’ but there’s still no law against smooching on or feeling up a corpse

so it doesn’t suck that much! unless you’re not into that! then that does suck sorry bro

Taken from one of K. M. Claude’s old blogs.

PSA: K. M. Claude Richard


Content warnings for explicit pedophilia, sexual depictions of children, child abuse, rape, sexual abuse, blood, gore, necrophilia, and incest, as well as harassment, bullying, self-harm, victim-shaming/survivor-shaming, transphobia, transmisogyny, dyadism¹ᵃ/perisexism¹ᵇ, and misgendering.

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“Hey Sada, apparently they’ve developed a way to take a donor penis, use it to build a frame work, and then use the transplantee’s cells to flesh it out before attaching it to a body. Human trials are still a couple years away, and they’re going to start with forming/transplanting a portion of a penis before the real thing, but in less than a decade you could have your dream of boning a corpse. With a real boner. They get hard and ejaculate and everything.”




Uploaded from this Tumblr post.

K. M. Claude is a Necrophile





By necrophilia, do we mean “I’m drawn to the undead” or “FUcking corpses yes pls”

I will take anything

the living enacting death aesthetics and playing dead, corpsefucking, the undead acting dead for their partner, I will take what I can gET

Well, by those terms, I guess my lover and I are sort of necrophiliacs too? XD /I play dead for her ALL THE TIME

Ahahaha! Ahhh well I mean I’m no authority, I guess it deals in intent too XD But I mean I’ve sorta…coined? Or whatever, I use the term aesthetic necrophile or theoretical necrophile about myself to describe this….i’m most likely not going to fuck a dead body that the probabilty is basically zero percent BUT at the SAME TIME I’ve got a hyper aesthetic appreciation for the idea of death and the dead and basically I watched too much Tim Burton as a kid XD So yanno if I can be an aesthetic necrophiliac, you playing dead could be necrophilia (I mean there is like a list of types or stages of necrophiliac so…not unheard of)

ACTUALLY oh hey! According to wikipedia, you’d be tier-1 necrophiliac. I’d be I guess….kinda tier-3? With a very Louis C.K. “I don’t know!” tier-7, possible tier-4 or tier-6. The more ya know!

animated gif of beetlejuice happily waving his arms

I actually took a look. :D I fall under tiers 1 – 4 and tier 7.

 Proof that K. M. Claude is a necrophile.

Claude Hates Furries





whoever fuckin’ heard of a furry who’s an anti?

like bitch you should know firsthand what it’s like to get shat on for your sexual and aesthetic preference and to have BUT ITS ILLEGAL and FICTION AFFECTS REALITY shoved down your throat


and like last i checked, furries are still socially the bottom of the totem pole

like….at least necro has A. Goth (and emo bc lbr here) points and B. idk what to call it but there’s a sort of gravitas? Even when it’s used in like a funny song, like, man Alice Cooper’s got a LOT of tracks about fucking the dead that are serious sometimes and tongue in cheek at others but at the same time yoooo that’s Alice granddaddy of shockrock Cooper (and I’m only counting off the albums I have and there’s a lot more I don’t have.) Like if you say “furry” to me I think “that CSI episode” (which is the mainstream perception) or random TLC type “look at these oddballs” documentaries or “thirteen year old on deviantart with an ocelot fursona that has teal stripes because it looks cool” and then finally what I do actually know about furries which is that in general the subculture is just y’know…some nice people (overall) who are really dedicated to their passion and often very talented because have you fucking seen those fursuits like damn! But the general public perception is literally “the butt of every internet joke” at best. At least with necrophilia it’s like what’s the stereotype? “Weirdo goth kids” or “so like those emo kids who like vampires a little TOO much” which like…lol yeah and? Not that I consider myself truly a goth kid or emo kid or any of the sort, though social outcast definitely fits, but like…it’s kinda surprising (or not, really) how many people relate to parts if not all of necrophilia kinks! Hell, people I never would’ve assumed otherwise.

Point being like L O L a furry wants to call me disgusting? Bitch please I remember “yiff in hell” okay we all know where you fall on the internet totem pole.

at least being a furry isnt common amongst serial killers you fucking cockroach

Degrading someone’s human worth and dehumanizing by comparing them to vermin is though. Which is what you’re doing. As is being a white male. So uh not sure what you’re trying to say with that one there, that serial killers share traits common with yourself and a huge chunk of the human population? Nerco fantasies are rather understudied, like much of human sexuality still, and also underreported.

Plus my kink has A+ rock and roll songs about it while yours has an embarrassing CSI episode :)

Example of K. M. Claude’s hypocrisy.