“I’m on the ‘Rape culture is a thing, but people tend to overexaggerate it’ team and like… Fiction doesn’t encourage rape? Normalization is top-down, and it’s more reinforced by cultural gender roles than anything? Anon needs to stop drinking the Kool-Aid?”


“Bingo. Useful term that’s been taken out back, fucked up the ass, and bastardized to hell and back. Like most social justice.”

Constantly portraying rape as desirable, romantic, sexy, etc. absolutely can normalize it. Also, I find it interesting that you downplay rape culture when you:

  • Reblogged a post blaming minors for their sexual trauma.
  • Equated being asked to stop romanticizing rape with being banned from ever discussing it, indicating that you believe romanticizing rape is an integral part of depicting it.

Nice Priorities You’ve Got There


“Possible past rape, pretty definite present rape, the comic is all about consent issues. I super appreciate you recommending my comic but definitely agree that if murky consent is something you tag/warn for, then yeah, definitely might wanna include that (I would hate for someone to get mad at you and your blog because there wasn’t a warning for a very prickly topic).”

Pretty sure people would have every right to be mad at rape and consent issues not being tagged or warned for, considering a.) those are disturbing topics, and b.) being exposed to triggering material could cause some people to have panic attacks or flashbacks.

Dirty Shipping Confessions: Rape

Bound and gagged anime girl


Rape kink. I know, pretty mild and common place but I just love it, whether it’s brutal and violent or an almost tongue in cheek ravishment fantasy. Hell I even love the troperific “don’t ” becoming “don’t stop” that is seen so often in yaoi.

Submitted graciously by @sadademort

Sada, you’re about to get a punch-card for submissions to this blog. 3 more confessions and I’ll have to reward you for blog-loyalty or something! Also, the rape/ravishment thing is GREAT, another one of those “foundations” that leads into bigger and badder kinks, usually, I’d say. Also the whole “captor/victim” thing which is an entirely new dynamic with its own realm of possibilities. Fun! Thanks for the great submission and happy shipping!

Submitted by K. M. Claude under the name Sadademort.

Underage Kink-havers


[Panel 1: K. M. Claude reading a Tumblr post. It says, “*Post grossly infantilizing asexuals, conflating sexual inactivity with childishness and immaturity, as if all aces care for are dragons and crayons.”]

[Panel 2: K. M. Claude looking slightly annoyed, reading a Tumblr post. The post says, “Aro/Ace=Straight. Asexuals are not queer (Unlike me, a demi-lithromantic, bug gender alien.”]

[Panel 3: K. M. Claude: “And people blame us weird, non-con, incest, underage, and otherwise ~problematic~ kink-havers for why Tumblr is a fucking cesspit, Christ…”]

Taken from this post.