Claude is Guilty (and also Satan)

series of tweets from Claude's Twitter
“In many ways certain cultures on the internet cultivate a game of telephone which would be funny if it weren’t about people’s reputations…
e.g. Few streams ago someone said “I heard you’re making a comic where you say you’re an ephebophile, is that true?” (It’s not. At all.)
I’m all where you get THAT? And then I recall a tweet to Ben saying my diary comics’ll have a cycle called EphebOphelia. Light bulb. Oh. Someone (Hey hatedom) took my pun title for a cycle of comics they know NOTHING about and decided OBVIOUSLY Claude is GUILTY and also SATAN.”


Well maybe if Claude didn’t say the comic was self-referential, and maybe if they didn’t draw porn of children (NSFW), or call themself an ‘underage kink-haver’, people wouldn’t have come to that conclusion.

“He thinks he’s the one being bullied and abused. Ha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!”

You know what’s really disturbing about this? Every time someone calls out K. M. Claude for their gross kinks, they claim that person is only attacking them because they’re trans. It makes it sound like Claude thinks being a pedophile, a necrophile, or some other kind of gross person is on the same level as being trans.



Memes aside, I don’t believe anyone is worthless. Not even the people who have harassed and abused me (and if there’s anyone I’d be nominating for Most Worthless Sack Of Shit Award, one would think it’d be them.)

People asking you to stop sexualizing children isn’t harassment.

People asking you to stop promoting gross kinks like necrophilia isn’t abuse.

People criticizing you on the Internet isn’t harassment or abuse, so pull your head out of your ass.


[Image text: “Look, all I’m saying is if there’s no 12-year-old girl (Or boy, change it up) diddling a crucifix, this show has failed and also sucks ass.”]

Saw this on Claude’s Twitter page. I’d say something but this pretty much speaks for itself.

Keep in mind this person made a comic where they call themself an ‘underage kink-haver’…