PSA: K. M. Claude Richard


Content warnings for explicit depictions of pedophilia, sexual depictions of children, child abuse, rape, sexual abuse, blood, gore, necrophilia, incest; harassment, bullying, self-harm, victim-shaming/survivor-shaming, transphobia, transmisogyny, dyadism¹ᵃ/perisexism¹ᵇ, and misgendering.

I. Fetishizes children and child abuse

II. Defends pedophiles and pedophilia

  • Believes children can abuse adults.
    • This is a common argument used by child abusers to justify harming their victims.
  • Thinks it’s okay for adults to be attracted to 15- and 16-year-olds.
  • Believes it’s ableist to shame pedophiles for their desires.
    • Also believes that pedophilia is a mental illness.
    • According to the DSM-5, pedophiles only qualify as mentally ill if they feel genuine remorse for their attraction to children. Since most pedophiles don’t feel bad about these desires, they aren’t considered mentally ill simply for being pedophiles.
  • Compares pedophilia to asexuality.
  • Also this.

III. Nasty Fetishes

IV. Belittles and bullies their critics

V. Transphobia/Dyadism/Perisexism

¹ᵃ¹ᵇ – Dyadism/perisexism refers to prejudice/discrimination/oppression directed at intersex people.


Fuck the Children

Drawing of K. M. Claude wearing a Catholic priest's uniform, flipping the bird.
[“Fuck the children!”]













Sunny and I talkin’ and my response to her “shake ur fist at them angry priest” was “fuck the children” and I realized that’s basically my general attitude: man, fuck this new wave of bratty children and childish individuals (‘cause remember – being a snot-nosed brat isn’t dependent on age) who think they can play moral guardian and puritanical fandom police and hide behind cries of “weh I’m a minor so I’m not responsible for my actions” (even though yes, actually, you are) and “think of the childreeeeeeen” (even though the youngest age for any site with fandom shit is 13 as in not a child, a teenager who either needs to surf responsibly or get mommy and daddy to monitor their access.)

You want a safe space? Make your own. There are tools out there for you to tailor your browsing experience. But do not think you can impose your space onto the community – especially fandom which has ALWAYS skewed older as in NOT FOR KIDS and those with childlike sensibilities – as a whole.

Earlier I saw a post that called this the Dolores Umbridge Paradox: “the people who’re obsessed with sick, gross, dark humour tend to be the biggest sweethearts in real life. The people who only want to see cute, innocent characters getting up to cute, innocent stuff usually turn out to be the nastiest, most vindictive shitheads.”

Well y’know what, fuck it. Fuck the children. Fuck Umbridge, fuck the alarmingly prevalent puritanical moral guardian mindset, and fuck you if you support this damning “think of the childreeeeeeen” mindset. Your rights end where mine begin.

“keep your hate out of the tags!!!!!!!!!”
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Hey, it’s that asshole who draws pedophilic art and harasses minors. It’s about to they showed up to remind us how terrible they are

@p-ewey well since your lot don’t seem to get the concept not to get outta our tag and claim “WEH BUT CALLING OUT PROBLEMATIC SHIPS MAKES IT RELEVANT” then you should be totally fine with people doing the same. after all, I’m simply doing what y’all claim to do: calling out actual shitty behavior.

@yourshipsaregross lmao considering none of my characters are pedophiles, hard to say I draw pedophilic art. well, I guess since after that ask on @anti-anti-wincest and the creation of Pedo-tan you could say one character is actually literally pedophilia incarnate…

oh and source on harassment? because I ain’t harassed no one and can, amazingly unlike you, prove my claims (pro tip: telling you you’re wrong and showing you facts =/= harassment) but I got a whoooooole mess of sources showing people – including “”””poor little defenseless minors who apparently can’t be held accountable for being shitheads” – harassing me. don’t go making statements you can’ back up, babes.

so y’know…

[Drawing of K. M. Claude as an undead priest, holding up a crucifix.”Here, take this. Lube it up with your self-righteous tears, an’, as Linda Blair once said, ‘Let Jesus fuck you!’]

fuck off???

seriously i have a cactus u can borrow if u wanna shove it up ur ass

that’s rich coming from the person reblogging and responding on my posts

[Drawing of K. M. Claude as an undead priest, holding a bottle of lube. “Nah, I’m good. Got my hand and your tears.”]

lol 3edgy5me

[Drawing of K. M. Claude as a priest, holding a bloody razor. “Don’t cut yourself on dat edge, y’all. Or do, who cares.”]

haha yikes

[Drawing of K. M. Claude as priest. “There’s an easy solution – quit interacting with me. I can’t work on my projects and this is my post so I’ll start drawing porn if you keep responding. If you do respond, you’re consenting to receive smutty art.”]

And you might wanna let your buddy @yourshipsaregross or whatever their name is know the same. Seriously, you keep responding to my post. If you keep it up, I’m gonna start responding with porn because I can’t work on my major files at the moment and I’ve been meaning to practice my tits and dicks so… Consider any reply the equivalent of you clicking the “yes I am 18+ and agree to see pornography” button

lol wow

It’s ironic seeing as how they posted this crappy post in the anti tag. They’re the ones who started this.


Also, what logic is this? If you reply, you’re consenting to art? What?