Unhealthy as Fuck

Couple of anonymous Tumblr asks
“I get that people use things to cope but the shit they’re into is unhealthy as fuck. K. M. Claude’s group are so concerned with writing ‘dark fiction’ and act like people are being Puritans for not wanting people to write shit that glorifies abuse/child abuse.”

Yeah, I have a really hard time believing K. M. Claude draws the things they draw for catharsis or any kind of coping, considering they made statements like ‘I want a harem of shotas’ and called themself an underage kink-haver.

Also, there is absolutely no reason for Claude (or anyone else) to post pornographic artwork of children. It only encourages pedophiles to view kids as sex objects, and many pedophiles have used this material to groom children for sex.

PSA: K. M. Claude Richard


Content warnings for explicit depictions of pedophilia, sexual depictions of children, child abuse, rape, sexual abuse, blood, gore, necrophilia, incest; harassment, bullying, self-harm, victim-shaming/survivor-shaming, transphobia, transmisogyny, dyadism¹ᵃ/perisexism¹ᵇ, and misgendering.

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Harem of Shotas



stupid procrastination doodle oops

[Panel 1: K. M. Claude: “Man, I wish for a harem of shotas.”]

[Panel 2: Father Tiefer: “Same!”]

[Panel 3: K. M. Claude: “I never realize how creepy my wants are until they’re echoed in a creepy old man’s voice.”

Father Tiefer: “Hey, I’m not that old!”]

Note: ‘Shota’ is short for ‘shotacon’, a genre of fetish artwork that focuses on young boys.