Drawing of K. M. Claude

“Claude lives in Louisiana, probably in New Orleans. They’re approximately 23 to 35 years old. No glasses, white, hair is naturally brown. If you see them, run the other way.”

Yeah, I think K. M. Claude is 24. According to this old contact page, their last name is Richard. Also, here’s a couple links to some comics they’ve drawn of themself if you want to know what they look like.

Dirty Shipping Confessions: Necrophilia



I love works involving necrophilia. It’s just such an appealing kink to me: the social taboo involved in sex with the dead, the gothic aesthetic of a freshly dead corpse, all the appeal in exploring and having sex with an unresponsive body (or you yourself being unable to respond) without any of the guilt that tends to come with rapeplay, drugging, or ravishment fantasies. Combine them all though and it’s even better. Plus necrophilia takes memento mori to a whole new level.

Submitted graciously by @Sadademort

Okay, but you do your necro so well and honestly exploring the dark stuff can be a kink within itself. The dark shit is the GOOD shit, and i can understand the appeal of that macabre and wild thought of playing around with death (literally in this case.) Sorry so many people give you stress about your kinks and your amazing works and art. Keep up the good work, we love you Sada!



Dirty Shipping Confessions: Rape



Rape kink. I know, pretty mild and common place but I just love it, whether it’s brutal and violent or an almost tongue in cheek ravishment fantasy. Hell I even love the troperific “don’t ” becoming “don’t stop” that is seen so often in yaoi.

Submitted graciously by @sadademort

Sada, you’re about to get a punch-card for submissions to this blog. 3 more confessions and I’ll have to reward you for blog-loyalty or something! Also, the rape/ravishment thing is GREAT, another one of those “foundations” that leads into bigger and badder kinks, usually, I’d say. Also the whole “captor/victim” thing which is an entirely new dynamic with its own realm of possibilities. Fun! Thanks for the great submission and happy shipping!

Confession sent by K. M. Claude to the Tumblr blog, dirty-shipping-confessions.





having a crush on someone who is dead set on not dating is probably the most annoying thing ever

having a crush on someone who is dead sucks too

you could still do crush stuff with the dead person if you’re in one of the MANY american states that do not have explicit necrophilia laws

granted they might get you with ‘desecration of a grave’ but there’s still no law against smooching on or feeling up a corpse

so it doesn’t suck that much! unless you’re not into that! then that does suck sorry bro

“Hey Sada, apparently they’ve developed a way to take a donor penis, use it to build a frame work, and then use the transplantee’s cells to flesh it out before attaching it to a body. Human trials are still a couple years away, and they’re going to start with forming/transplanting a portion of a penis before the real thing, but in less than a decade you could have your dream of boning a corpse. With a real boner. They get hard and ejaculate and everything.”




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“Just a question to throw into the wilderness, what’s your stance on consensual 18+ Mother/Son incest? I look forward to your usual nuanced and well-balanced response.”


Honestly? I don’t give a fuck if both consent. Like I literally cannot bother caring what the fuck someone does with their mommy. Does it squick me? Eh, I mean, I wouldn’t bang my mama even if she’s gorgeous and really needs to stop being so hard on herself regarding her looks because I ain’t into my mama that way. Hell I ain’t even into chicks. But I mean if someone wants to bang their mama? If it don’t involve me or people I care about in a negative way, I don’t give a fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

If you want my “pseudo-psychologist” academic opinion? I would want the mother and son to be evaluated by a psychologist or counselor or something just to ascertain that they’re both of relatively sound mind and there’s no like manipulation or abuse or anything untoward like that involved. Y’know? Also to see if they’ve really thought it through if it’s like intended to be a long term kinda thing (rather than “occasionally sleeps in mommy’s bed in that way”) like…how you gonna handle the stress of secrecy? How you gonna handle other people if you come clean about it? Have you thought about what happens when mom dies? Really I think a LOT of couples and relationships would benefit from a third party objective observer looking at them and giving an evaluation because lust is blinding and people are stupid. BUUUUUUUUUUUT considering the particular type of relationship involved, I think such an evaluation would be more…pertinent.

(I’m very chill, anon. Like shit a person I care about dearly is in a relationship with a man who’s about as old as her daddy and I’m just like “he good to you? cool” and frankly he’s probably one of the BEST significant others ANY of my friends ever had. Like I can count on my hand the number of good boyfriends that’ve come through a friend group. So like seriously, if everything is kosher in the consent department and everyone goes into it with a sound and open mind and no harm’s being done? Go for it, whatever your relationship is. You wanna fuck your mommy? Cool, long as she’s down for it. Whatever. Enjoy your life. You only get one.)

[Drawing of K. M. Claude as a skeleton wearing a Catholic priest’s uniform. Image text: “Do whatever the fuck you want; you’re gonna be worm chow anyhow. I don’t give a fuck.”]

“For real, you have such a nice voice. Also, about to watch some SVU and thought, ‘Man, this would be so much better with eggnog, damn it’. Father Claude, Patron Saint of Sinners? There’s a wine/eggnog, blood/cum joke in there somewhere.”


My eggnog is seasoned with the blood and cum of teenaged altarboys, trufax

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By necrophilia, do we mean “I’m drawn to the undead” or “FUcking corpses yes pls”

I will take anything

the living enacting death aesthetics and playing dead, corpsefucking, the undead acting dead for their partner, I will take what I can gET

Well, by those terms, I guess my lover and I are sort of necrophiliacs too? XD /I play dead for her ALL THE TIME

Ahahaha! Ahhh well I mean I’m no authority, I guess it deals in intent too XD But I mean I’ve sorta…coined? Or whatever, I use the term aesthetic necrophile or theoretical necrophile about myself to describe this….i’m most likely not going to fuck a dead body that the probabilty is basically zero percent BUT at the SAME TIME I’ve got a hyper aesthetic appreciation for the idea of death and the dead and basically I watched too much Tim Burton as a kid XD So yanno if I can be an aesthetic necrophiliac, you playing dead could be necrophilia (I mean there is like a list of types or stages of necrophiliac so…not unheard of)

ACTUALLY oh hey! According to wikipedia, you’d be tier-1 necrophiliac. I’d be I guess….kinda tier-3? With a very Louis C.K. “I don’t know!” tier-7, possible tier-4 or tier-6. The more ya know!

animated gif of beetlejuice waving his arms

I actually took a look. :D I fall under tiers 1 – 4 and tier 7.

“So I am re-watching my childhood anime, Cardcaptor Sakura, and saw something you’d find interesting. In it, a 4th grader is in love with a teacher (he’s in his mid 30’s) and by the final episodes he gives her a promise ring. And it’s made quite clear they go on dates. And this is considered to be one of the most innocent anime ever.”


A 4th grader?! That’s like a ten year old?!

Oh my god that’s hilarious.

Well it is a promise ring and that means no sex so…

But still oh my god the number of people who’d shit their pants over this, it slays me!

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